General Recruitment Information:
We frequently recruit graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with a strong interest in energy, atoms, physics, and programming and a strong background in math and physics. The research areas can be divided into:

  • Heat transfer, Thermodynamics, statistical physics, molecular dynamics simulations, Monte-Carlo simulations
  • Solid state physics, lattice dynamics, phonon or/and electron transport, quantum mechanics, density functional theory
  • Machine learning
  • Laser flash thermal conductivity measurement, Nanomaterials synthesis & characterization


Ph.D. student positions:
We currently have several openings for Ph.D. students with research assistantships, teaching assistantships, or mixed research-teaching assistantships. Highly motivated Ph.D. students are very welcome to apply! The university and the College of Engineering also offer various forms of scholarships.

Master student positions:
Self-funded master’s students, including those with scholarship support from the department, are welcome to join our lab! 

Undergraduate student positions:
Undergraduate students are very welcome to join our lab! We are aware of the importance of positive research experience to undergraduate students for their future career and we are glad to provide such an experience, so feel free to contact us (either Dr. Feng or current students in our group) regarding the availability of research positions and the ongoing exciting research projects in our group. ​

Self-funded postdoc (or visiting scholar) positions:
Our lab highly welcomes self-funded post-docs and visiting scholars to join and work together! We will provide the strongest support on research environment, facilities, and career development opportunities. All areas in heat transfer, electrical transport, materials science, and computer science are very welcome to apply! 


To apply:

  • Send your CV and all transcripts to
  • Please start with [PhD application], [MS application], or [Postdoc application] in the title of your email
  • Your email will be discarded if there is no transcript.